Ask yourself a few questions!

The current statistics for 2019 are:
Born: 4 162 757 people.
died: 2 722 311 people.

That’s an average of 226859 people per month in 2019 in the United States.
January 2020 to May 12, 2020, according to official data in the United States, 80,682 people died from coronavirus.
That is about 4 months, or about 20170 corona deaths per month.
So 226859 people die normally per month and 20170 people die from Corona Virus.
That’s about a tenth.

Why don’t people talk about the normally dead?
Who counts the normal people who died and who counts the people who died from Corona?
Are the numbers mixed up?
Or are normal deaths counted as corona deaths?

Who can really say that?