FACEBOOK is controlled by ELITE


Facebook is more than manipulation.
Facebook is addictive.
Facebook represents the elite.
If you have a different opinion, you will be deleted.
Try it.
Write something against vaccination.
Write something against Black Lives Matter.
Write something against the Corona Pedemie.
They will be deleted.
You will see it.
Try it.
Your own opinion is suppressed.
It is a total control of your own opinion.
Thousands of employees work on Facebook and correct your free opinion. (they are called trolls)
What is Facebook good for?
Facebook shapes your opinion.
Facebook manipulates you.
Facebook is playing wrong numbers.
Facebook is an elite instrument.
Facebook was created to manipulate.
Facebook is only good for advertising.
Advertising costs money. Promotional flyers get more feedback!

Decide for yourself. Sell yourself or keep your own opinion.