We are looking for work and an apartment / guest house

We are a family from Germany. We emigrated and currently live in Mar Vista.
I am 49 years old, my wife 32 years old, our two boys are 12 and 10 years old.

We are looking for a job and at the same time a small apartment or guest house in or around Malibu.
We know Malibu well and love it. We have lived in Malibu for several months in the past. Malibu has a unique energy.

We’re looking for a job for both of us from September or October.
We originally wanted to start a business in the tourism industry in Los Angeles.
Unfortunately, the corona crisis has ruined all of our ideas.

We work together perfectly. But it is also possible individually.
We have many skills and are universally applicable.

– we are healthy and generally never get sick
– we can work with gloves and a mask
– we are adaptable
– we learn very quickly
– we are trustworthy and very discreet
– we solve problems quickly
– we have German punctuality
– we work very precisely and cleanly

– i have an eye for detail
– i see and recognize every problem
– i am very sensitive and understand everyone
– i always have new ideas for private or business purposes
– i am a manager for you private, your home or your business
– i do all kinds of repairs
– i can be used universally for country, house, garden, children, advice, organizer, chauffeur, travel, companion, coach, player, friend, life coach, nutritionist, computer (website and design), security service and much more
– i speak German
– i have previous knowledge of English and Spanish
– i am currently learning English

– my wife speaks fluent Spanish and German
– she is currently learning English
– she has different skills and is very versatile
– for example as a nanny, for the household, for cleaning, as sick and elderly care, in the kitchen, for baking cookies, for gardening, for food organization, as a nutritionist, for spiritual advice, for computer graphic design, for decoration

– we can take care of private or business objects
– we can be normal caretakers and do all the work that comes up
– we can upgrade or improve rental properties (higher rental price)
– we can upgrade or improve properties for sale (higher sales price)
– we can help to reduce your costs because we always have a lot of ideas
– we know the European standard and also the 5-star qualities
– we can make your property safe according to European security standards
– we can take new photos and drone videos of your property (for better rental or sale)

In the last 10 years we have specialized in the following areas:

– Nutritional advice (vegan, organic, GMO-free, raw vegetables, gluten-free, sugar-free, aluminum-free)
– fitness advice
– Life counseling
– alternative healing methods
– spiritual counseling and teaching
– faster and safer chauffeur service
– Childcare
– Security check for home and business
– create and maintain websites
– Management activities of all kinds
– Creation of advertising ideas and designs

We also have several business ideas for Malibu and we would love to have investors (we will do all the work and they will fund it).

If you have a job for us and maybe a small apartment or a guest house? Then write to us by email or SMS.


Phone / SMS: 424-409-9962

The focus is on work. The apartment or guest house is not a requirement. But sometimes both come together.

We live simply and naturally under the California sun.
We don’t smoke.
We don’t do drugs.
We are not criminals.
We are clean and work with German quality.
We work quickly, cheaply and better than your previous employees.

Even if you have nothing for us, please recommend us to others.

We are open to everything and always think positively.

Many thanks

Fideleidis & Gunter