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Old Toy “BIOMBO” from Grandma’s Time (unpainted)


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– handmade
– unpainted in natural wood
– the selection of the Biombo when shipping is made at random
– the photo shows examples of the design
– each Biombo is unique (it is therefore impossible to display all Biombo)
– the article is subject to copy right
– function, see video

History of the Biombo

During the time when the Crown Cork was invented by William Painter in Baltimare in 1892, the Biombo was born.
The beer bottle became very popular with men and the Crown Cork also made it popular with children.

Some beer drinkers made a toy for their children from Crown Cork.
The Crown Cork was flattened and two holes were drilled in.
A sewing thread was taken from Mother’s sewing box and the Biombo was ready.

The correct spacing of the holes and the length of the thread are important for the function of the Biombo.

The Biombo became a popular toy for many American children.
The biombo is part of American history that has been forgotten.

Now, after over 100 years, we at L.A.Neverland have brought the biombo back to life.

The Biombo helps children to reduce stress. It promotes concentration and is patient.

For safety reasons, we manufacture the Biombo from wooden panels.
The typical Crown Cork made of metal are too sharp and there is a risk of injury.

The Biombo are exclusively available from us and are subject to copy rights.

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