Being in love is an illusion

We see a human being.
Suddenly we are in love.

Being in love is strong.
It is stronger than years of love.

Is it a coincidence?
Is that an illusion?
Is that a program?

As quickly as we fall in love, we are separated quickly.
Are the events for a separation also a coincidence?
Is it an illusion?
Is it a program?

Nobody understands why these things happen.
Nobody can explain it.

Why do these things happen in love that separate us?
We love a day, we love a week, we love 1 month, we love a year, we love 10 years.

Then comes the day X, the day that changes everything.
Things are happening that we cannot understand.
Our partner is suddenly different than before.

Is it a coincidence?
Is it a program?
Is it predestination?
Is it a plan?

Too much coincidence confirms a program …

Decide for yourself.