Cow’s milk damages the bones

Our grandparents said:

Drink milk from cows that’s healthy.

Today some scientists say:

Cow’s milk damages our bones.

Widespread bone problems are:

Osteoporosis (bone loss)
Rickets (softening of the bones)
Bone softening in adulthood (osteomalacia)
Joint wear (arthrosis)

Where do these problems come from?
Some say about obesity and milk products.

If it’s true, it’s fatal!

We artificially impregnate the cows to produce milk.
We take away the milk for the young animals.
We take the mother’s offspring too early.
We feed the young animals with substitutes.
We drink the milk from the young animals.

We are humans and not animals.
We violate nature.
We harm ourselves by ingesting animal products into our bodies.
We are breaking down our bones.

Don’t we know better?

Decide for yourself.